Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

One way of telling if you are experiencing car shudder as you drive is if you can feel a vibration through your brake pedal or steering wheel. This phenomenon is caused by the friction within the disc brake system causing a difficulty that creates the vibration every time you step on the brake pedal. This article offers a detailed discussion on why your car vibrates wen you brake. Simply put, how brake shudder or vibration occurs.

Brakes versus Steering Wheel Vibrations

A brake shudder mostly occurs when you apply breaks on high speeds. While the vibration can be mild or sometimes violent, it is crucial that you do not ignore it once you sense it as it could be an indicator of a variety of aspects. For one, the shudder could mean the rotors and the calipers are damaged, or your brake pads need replacing.

The vibrations on your steering wheel are often as a result of damaged from rotors and that of the brake pedal means there is an issue with the rare rotors.

How the Vibration Occurs

Brake Rotors Misalignment

Continual braking causes wear and tear on the brake motors unevenly so. Brake pedals are designed specifically for this cause. However, as the wear and tear worsen and the rotors get worn unevenly, only selective parts of the brake pads get in contact with the rotors resulting in the vibration.

Worn Out Brake Pad

An old rugged brake pad may also be the cause of the vibrations. This could also come with a squeaky sound every time you step on the pedals – a clear indication that your brake pedals need replacement. Additionally, having a brake pedal that is clogged with dirt and other toxic debris can result in the said vibration.

Wheel Misalignment

A very unpleasant braking experience can also be felt when your car's wheel alignment is poor. The misalignment mostly causes the suspension of a variety of important components like the ti rods and ball joints hence the shudder.

We Can Make It Stop!

Countless possible causes of car vibration when you brake can be assessed but the most important point to note is that a knowledgeable technician can have it fixed. After a thorough inspection a number of recommendations can be presented to fix the shudder but replacing the brake pedals is the easiest of them all.

Nevertheless, if you need brake repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to the experts at Cottman of Waldorf today!

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