Why Does My Car Keep Stalling?

When your vehicle stalls, you may experience it when you start it, when you come to a stop, or when it is idling. In rare instances, your vehicle may also stall when traveling at cruising speeds, which can be particularly problematic. It's important to note that there is no one cause for vehicle stalling. Below are a few reasons why your car is stalling.


It's no secret that your battery aids your engine is turning over, but its work doesn't end once it's running. It's possible for your vehicle to stall while driving if your battery is starting to wear out, even if your car starts. The battery may not be defective, but its terminals can be corroded or need replacement, causing your car to stall. Corrosion of the terminals on your battery can prevent your automobile from getting enough power because it relies on the battery for its electrical system.


When a fuel pump stops working well, your engine might be starved for fuel, preventing combustion from happening correctly. If your fuel system is over-fueling, you should have the fuel injectors inspected since too much gasoline can flood the engine. Low fuel pressure may contribute to your car stalling when climbing or descending hills.


Electrical problems can result from corroded wires, improperly connected wires, or several other factors. For an accurate diagnosis, the electrical system must undergo inspection by a professional auto mechanic.


It is crucial to change your air filter regularly because your engine can't function at its peak level without proper airflow. Your automobile's filters can accumulate smoke, ash, or other pollutants that prevent adequate fresh air from reaching the engine, which results in the machine not running as efficiently. If you live in an area with lots of dust or debris, your automobile can experience stalling and other performance issues.

Have a problem with a stalling car?

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