7 Emergency Items You Must Have In Your Car

Emergencies and accidents on the road happen all the time. But what if you are in one? Are you at least a little bit prepared? If not, continue reading, and you will find out seven must-have emergency items that can come in handy or even save lives. While they are not mandatory by law, it's a great idea to keep them in the trunk; after all, a few extra pounds in the trunk won't cause any harm.

First Aid Kit

The first thing on our list is the first aid kit. In our opinion, it's a must-have because it can help patch up wounds or even be lifesaving. Inside the kit, everything from plasters to wound disinfectants can be found. It can be purchased in almost all automotive-related shops.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are used to jumpstart a car when its batteries are dead or have no charge. That's their only purpose, but they can really be helpful in certain situations. Make sure you bring a pear everywhere you go. You never know if you or someone else will need a jump-start.

Reflective Vest

While it may sound funny, a reflective vest is very useful. If you are stranded at night, a reflective vest will warn drivers coming your way despite the pitch-black night. It can also be put somewhere on the car as an extra warning if your hazard lights don't work.

Spare Tire

Most people might leave the spare tire at home to reduce weight, but don't be one of them. The one time you will need it, it will save you from being stranded or getting towed. Most of the time, it's even lighter than a normal tire, so be sure to keep it in the car.

Set Of Emergency Tools

An emergency toolkit containing the essential tools for your car can make a big difference. This will be handy for those of you who like to DIY and know a couple of things about cars. From changing the tire to tightening something under the hood, a toolbox can be useful in a lot of situations. 

Extra Oil 

Next time you go to a service center, ask for an extra can of engine oil. The mechanics will give you the exact type used in your vehicle so you don't get things mixed up. Having extra oil on hand can come in very handy for topping off fluid levels. 

Hand-Crank Flashlight

And the last thing on our list is a trusty hand-cranked flashlight. Why not use a phone? Well, what if the battery dies? If you use a hand-crank flashlight, you eliminate the need for batteries because it's powered by your own hands. You just crank it, and it shines right where you want it to.

Did you suffer an accident or were you left stranded for a while? Make sure to visit our repair shop so we can inspect the vehicle for any underlying problems. Cottman of Waldorf is here to help out with everything automotive-related, even if it's as simple as changing a headlight bulb!

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