What Does The Power Steering Warning Light Mean?

The power steering light located on the dashboard is immediately identifiable since it looks like an orange, red or yellow steering wheel with an exclamation mark. A lighted EPS communicates the same message in electric power steering setups.

Where Is The Power Steering System Warning Light?

The light shows something is wrong with the power steering system and that you must look into the problem. The reason for this varies depending on your vehicle's type of power steering system.

Why Does The Power Steering Light Come On?

The most typical cause of this problem with hydraulic power steering systems is a leak resulting in a low fluid level.

A lit EPS light may show if you have an electronic power steering (EPS) system. There are no fluid levels to monitor since EPS systems do not require fluid to offer steering help. Instead, suppose you've recently removed or reconnected the battery of your vehicle or recently had to jump start it, you may now have a battery problem.

What Should I Do If The Power Steering Light Comes On?

If this occurs, pull your vehicle over as soon as it is safe to do so and investigate.

If your vehicle has hydraulic power steering, check the fluid level by looking for the steering wheel fluid reservoir inside the engine. An image of a steering wheel may be on the cap, and it should show the fluid level. If the level is too low, you need to top it up with the proper fluid as directed in your car's owner's handbook. The light should remain dark when you restart the engine.

A low fluid level is frequently the consequence of a system leak. Therefore, it should be investigated by an expert as soon as practical.

If your vehicle has an electronic system, turning it on and off may be beneficial. However, if this does not address the problem, ensure all of your car's battery connections are secure and undamaged.

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