How To Determine If Your Timing Belt Has Broken

Engines and their components go through a lot of stress, and they are bound to break. The timing belt is a part that does a very important job. It ensures that your engine has the right timing for injecting fuel mixed with air and giving it a spark. If the timing belt snaps it can lead to very serious problems.

How To Determine If Your Timing Belt Has Broken

Knowing the difference between a timing belt that is working as intended and a broken one can save you a lot of trouble and money. Some of them can be noticed immediately and others can pass undetected. These are three of the most common signs that your belt has broken or is on its way out.

Engine Is Failing To Start

The most obvious of them all is a failing start. Due to the difference in fuel injection and ignition, an explosion can’t be formed inside your engine. This issue can’t be fixed on its own or with home supplies. A professional is required in order to set the right timing, which is a very precise task. Our advice is to call a towing service to transport your car to the nearest repair facility. 

Weird Noises

Weird or clicking noises may occur as a warning sign that your vehicle's timing belt is about to break. You should take advantage of the warning sign and have it fixed ASAP.


Having engine misfires? When your engine experiences unsynchronized injection of fuel, air, and a late or early spark, it starts to slow down and work improperly. While it can run, it is not advisable to keep your vehicle on the road because you can be sure when it breaks down.

Don’t Drive With A Broken Timing Belt

Letting a car run when it has problems with timing, can be fatal to the engine. Constant misfires damage all parts and can even result in a blown engine. The farthest you can go is to a mechanic, even if it appears that it can go a lot more than that. 

We can assure you that our team is qualified and capable of doing all the necessary procedures to get you going. Visit Cottman of Waldorf, and we can take a look at your timing belt!

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