How to Defog and Defrost Your Windshield in the Winter

It's easy to run behind in the mornings to only rush out to a frosty windshield. Not only is a blurry windshield a nuisance, but it is very dangerous to drive when your view of the road is obstructed.

Whether your windshield freezes or forms droplets, both are potential hazards and require a little more work and time before you can start driving. 

How to Defog Windows

Step 1: Turn on the Heat 

The first thing you should do to combat foggy windshields this winter is by turning on the defrosters. This feature is a must-have this time of the year, so please ensure it works at the start of the cold season. Start by cranking the heat and defrosters up high. Doing this will eliminate any moisture from the air inside your car. 

Step 2: Turn on the A/C Button

It might seem counterintuitive, but the cold air will help dry the air inside the car. As the air gets drawn into the HVAC system, it will trap some of the moisture.

Step 3: Turn off the recirculation feature

A common mistake drivers make when defogging their windshields and windows is leaving the air recirculation running. You want to bring in all the fresh air you can because the winter air is dry, meaning it can absorb the moisture from within your vehicle.

Step 4: Open the Windows

While it may be cold, opening your windows can make the defogging process faster. This enables the humidity in your car to escape and allow the dry air to come in.

Additional Frost/Ice Tips

Not only will foggy windshields be a problem for Waldorf, MD residents this winter, but the condensation can freeze, making your windshield icy. One way to get rid of the frost quicker is by using an ice scraper on top of the defrosters. Another method is applying an alcohol solution the night before temperatures fall below freezing. Since alcohol has a lower freezing point, it will prevent the windshield from freezing over.


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