How to Check Your Transmission Fluid From Home

Similar to engine oil, a transmission fluid leak is a serious matter. Transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating and cooling down your transmission parts. If the fluid is nearly empty (due to a potential leak) or the liquid itself is in terrible condition, it will suffer extensive damage. The reality is transmission repairs, rebuilds, and replacements are not cheap. This is why you should do everything you can as a responsible vehicle owner to keep up with your transmission fluid.


How to Check Your Transmission Fluid 

Did you know that you can monitor the level and quality of the transmission fluid right from home? Some cars have a transmission fluid dipstick under your hood that is made to fit into your transmission pan. If you can find this dipstick, you can look at the fluid and ensure there is enough liquid in the pan at all times, just like you would with your engine oil. If the transmission fluid looks dark, thick, dirty, or has a burnt smell, it may be overdue for a fluid change or flush. If your transmission fluid exemplifies any of these signs, please bring your vehicle to Cottman of Waldorf soon. Additionally, you should not add any liquid into your car unless you know if you have the right kind of fluid!


If you notice that your fluid is shallow, there may be a leak. A transmission fluid leak is very obvious to detect because the fluid itself is bright red. If you see a red puddle under your car, you should address the problem immediately. However, a minor transmission fluid leak can be harder to identify. Regardless of the severity of the leak, if you suspect a leak, take it to Cottman of Waldorf. 


We invite you to swing by our shop to have your transmission fluid checked out. Trust us when we say you will want to have your transmission and its fluid inspected and repaired sooner rather than later. If you are in Waldorf, MD, and notice an unusual puddle under your car, please call Cottman of Waldorf today at (301) 710-0744.

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