How Often Should I Have My Brake Pads Replaced?

Every car consists of a number of parts and systems designed to keep the vehicle in great and reliable running conditioning. One of the most important safety and reliability systems is that of the braking system, designed to keep the vehicle driver, passengers, and everybody around the vehicle safe.

This is done by ensuring that the vehicle has the ability to come to a full stop in a matter of seconds. One of the key parts of the braking system is the brake pads.

The brake pads are the component that applies pressure and friction to the brake rotors in order to slow down and eventually fully stop the vehicle's wheels. Brake pads undergo stress every time you slow down or bring your vehicle to a halt, which causes wear and tear. For this reason, you want to stay on top of replacing the brake pads in order to keep your vehicle's braking system working in top condition.

Brake pads should be replaced on average every 40 to 50 thousand miles, for best results. However, your particular style of driving and basic road conditions could slightly change that number for you.

if you are unsure of exactly how often you should be changing your brake pads, there are a few easy ways to tell it is time. One of the easiest ways to tell is by having squeaking or squealing noises coming from the brakes every time you apply them. Another sign would be a grinding noise, which indicates extremely worn-down brake pads that you want to have replaced ASAP! A third sign could be vibrating whenever the brakes are applied.

Additionally, if your brakes seem to be working poorly and it is taking your vehicle longer to come to a stop, this is a dangerous way to operate your vehicle and a reason to get professional help ASAP. Fortunately for those who own newer vehicles, many of them also come with warning lights which can indicate a problem within the braking system.

Remember, the brake pads on your vehicle are an extremely important component! You want to have them replaced at the first sign of trouble. If you are in need of brake repair, we welcome you to bring your vehicle into our repair shop today!

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